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Julie sent the following mail after working together for one session. I am grateful to her for writing this account of her experience.

Dear Jo

I can only thank you again for our telephone consultation on Tuesday night. This morning, I rode Dodger along the bridleway bordering the open fields.  I can honestly say that I simply felt happy - and this with a horse that I have only had for two and a half weeks! Two days ago I felt complete panic and fear even at the thought of riding along it.

I have attached a short piece about my TFT experience including my leg - which soon stopped tingling and has much more sensation in it that it has had for two years. 

You can see what a lovely chap Dodger is - thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy him fully.


Julie writes:

I contacted Jo Cooper as I had developed a fear of riding in wide open spaces. This was the result of a fall from a horse two and a half years previously which had shaken me up, quite badly.

Six months after the fall, I had an accident when leading another horse and severely damaged my knee which resulted in 8 weeks of having the leg plastered, then surgery, then one year of intensive physiotherapy. Although riding again and having recently bought a new horse, I found myself quite unable to ride alongside or through an open space. On the morning of my consultation with Jo, I did actually try to go along a nearby bridleway which bordered open fields, but had intense feelings of panic and turned the horse around and went an alternative route.

Jo talked me through my anxiety and with a series of tapping sequences, I could visualise myself riding along this path with no fear. Just two mornings later, I rode my new horse along this bridleway, looking across the open fields and felt nothing but happiness.

Jo asked me about the condition of my knee following the treatment I had. I explained that I had little feeling from just below my knee to mid calf on the outside of the damaged leg and the surgeon had advised me that I may or may not regain sensation. Jo again talked me through more tapping sequences, this time concentrating on my leg. Incredibly, I started getting tingling sensations in the numb and a lot of the feeling has returned.

Before my consultation, my hopes were that I could conquer my fear of riding in open spaces. Not only has the fear been taken away, but unexpectedly, my leg that was quite severely damaged, has improved.

Julie Lennox
Suffolk, 15 June 2006



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