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What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a new method for the rapid relief of all kinds of emotional and psychological distress. It uses the same energy meridians as acupressure, but is a much simpler process. You can do TFT for yourself by tapping with your fingertips on specific sequences of meridian points on the face, hands and upper body. (There are only three points on the body — on the collarbone, under the arm and on a rib). TFT is simple, painless and is done fully clothed! The results are frequently amazing as emotional problems can start to disappear in minutes.

How effective is TFT?

The success rate of TFT depends on the experience and competence of the practitioner and the complexity of the problem. When you tap the appropriate sequence of meridian points the problem may disappear and stay away permanently. Simple phobias, for example, can often be completely resolved. Chronic problems may take longer and require some ‘detective’ work to find out the best way of dealing with them.

If the symptoms return, this often indicates exposure to something that has affected your energy system and either prevented the TFT from working, or reactivated the perturbation in the thought field. A TFT practitioner is often able to help you to identify what has led to the return of the problem.

How does TFT work?

TFT is based on a different model of how negative emotions (including phobias) develop. Dr Callahan suggests that whenever we think of anything we 'tune in' to an individual 'thought field' and when we feel distressed, there is a disruption or 'perturbation' in the thought field that triggers the distress. By tapping on specific sequences of meridian points the perturbations can be eliminated and the distress disappears.

How was TFT developed?

TFT was developed twenty years ago by Dr Roger Callahan, a distinguished American clinical psychologist. He was dissatisfied with conventional therapy techniques, which he believed were time consuming and often ineffective. He investigated many different approaches and found that the body’s energy system could be used to resolve psychological issues.

The first person to experience what later became known as TFT was a woman called Mary, who had an extreme phobia of water. Dr Callahan had treated her for eighteen months using conventional techniques, but without success. One day he heard Mary say that she felt "sick to the stomach". He knew of a stomach meridian point under the eye…when this point was tapped, Mary’s phobia promptly vanished and has stayed away to this day.

Callahan soon discovered that this simple process was effective only with a small number of people, but he continued his research and developed what is now known as Callahan Techniques TFT.

What is TFT used for?

TFT was originally developed as a treatment for phobias. Further research and experiment has meant that it can now be used to ease a wide variety of problems including stress and anxiety, panic attacks, depression, jealousy, grief, trauma, anger, pain, and numerous addictive urges including alcohol and tobacco. It can also be used to overcome performance barriers in business, sales and sport. TFT has recently been officially recognised as the treatment of choice for post traumatic stress in Kosovo.

Does TFT only work with adults?

TFT can be used with children from a very early age to help them to overcome anxiety and stress. It can also help animals, including horses, dogs and cats. Examples include a horse that was terrified of being clipped, a dog that would not travel by car and a cat that started to bite whenever he was groomed.



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